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An oil change along with a filter replacement is preventative service that will not only help promote maximum vehicle performance but will also extend the life of your vehicle. Oil is responsible for reducing the amount of friction between the moving parts inside your vehicle's engine. As the engine generates a large amount of heat, the oil circulates through the engine and acts as a cooling agent. Oil also plays a role in removing unwanted particles that are created during the combustion process by directing them to the oil filter, this filters out all of the contaminants keeping the oil clean and free flowing. Jointly the oil and oil filter will keep your vehicle's engine running smooth and will keep the engine running at optimal performance levels.

When we do an oil change for your vehicle, we drain the engine's old oil and refill it with new oil while also replacing the oil filter. In addition to the oil change, we will lubricate all components of your vehicles chassis according to the manufacturer standards. On completion of every lube, oil and oil filter change, our technicians will ensure that your engine oil is filled to the correct amount, all working parts of the engines are lubricated properly, and that your engine oil is clean.


The oil in your engine over time becomes saturated with contaminants leaving excess particles in the engine, these contaminants will form deposits and can cause considerable wear to the engine When oil becomes oversaturated it loses its lubrication properties, this will eventually cause your engine to be overworked by creating excess engine heat, friction, and engine failure. Too much heat will also lead to a thermal breakdown in your engine's oil thus changing the oil’s viscosity, this will result in decreased oil flow.

When the engine's oil becomes dirty, it flows much more slowly and this will make your engine work much harder leading to increased wear to your engine. During each oil change our service technicians will inspect the oil filter, and to keep your oil free from contaminants we will replace the oil filter with a new one. Routine oil changes will keep your vehicle's engine running longer and stronger. Contact us by phone or email today to schedule a lube and oil change.

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