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Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust System Repair Charlotte NC - the exhaust system is located underneath your vehicle, the purpose of the exhaust system is to collect and redirect harmful emissions safely away from your vehicle, it also reduces the amount of pollutants that would normally be released into the environment, while also keeping engine exhaust noise and exhaust force to a minimum. The exhaust system is made up from tubing and pipes designed to maximizing vehicle performance and efficiency while keeping the vehicle streamlined during operation. The combustion process within the engine produces dangerous gases as a byproduct.

Emissions from the engine are collected from the exhaust manifold, these gases are then funneled to the catalytic converter through the front pipe. These harmful gases are transformed by the converter, like hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide into less harmful gases such as: water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. The muffler also helps out by canceling out engine noise. Sound waves are dissipated by the muffler while the converted gases are released from the tailpipe into the atmosphere.


Muffler Repair Shop Charlotte - Depending on the problem you are experiencing, the exhaust system on your vehicle can affect both your capacity to drive and the vehicle's performance. It is extremely important for these reasons to keep up to date with maintenance intervals with your exhaust system. If you start to hear excessively loud noises when accelerating then you should schedule an inspection or repair service right away. If you start to noticing these noises, this is usually a sign that there could be cracks or holes in your muffler or exhaust system. Excessive idling or hearing rattling noises when you start your vehicle may be a sign of broken or failed hangers. If you feel drowsy while driving your vehicle, this could be a very serious sign that exhaust fumes are leaking into the cabin interior through the vents.

If you notice sharp odors, this also is a sign that your vehicle could be leaking noxious fumes into the vehicle. Signs of cracks or rust on any of the exhaust system components is an indication of corrosion. If you are experiencing any of these above symptoms, it is imperative that you seek out service as soon as possible. Routine maintenance on your exhaust system will help to ensure all of your exhaust system components such as the: catalytic converter, muffler, the exhaust manifold, downpipe, and front pipe are all working efficiently. Your exhaust system should undergo routine maintenance, doing so will save you from future problems down the road.

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